Royalist: Standard Bearer

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Sculpted by: Aaron Brown

is-Caerten Gaerthen Llaurthel

Is-Caerten Gaerthen is a somewhat unworldly fellow, with an almost childish piety and faith in his ancestors. He was something of a puzzle for his commanders, as he seems supremely disinterested in the necessary banal details of leading troops. The injury of the Catrawd’s standard bearer created a perfect position for young Gaerthen, and now he serves as the very model of a standard bearer, treating his Catrawd’s flag with reverence.

The soldiers of his Catrawd frequently refer to him has “St. Llaurthel,” though in equal parts respect and gentle teasing. If Gaerthen hears this, it never registers on his serene countenance, nor does it dampen the ardor of his faith.