Some lines are retiring and some lines need to come out for a bit for some reworking.

If not mentioned below, nothing changes! Anything retiring will no longer be sold after this sale!

All retiring products are under the Discontinued Category at the top.

Lines Retiring:
Kami Tale 
JRPG Models 
Aphids  - These might get reworked, but these molds are decades old and in bad shape except for the bikes.
Large Sets of 28mm Quar Metals (Sections, Companies, Squads) will go away. We will keep the starters, small units and characters. No models actually go away, only the large package deals.

Lines going out of Circulation:
Zombies - These need new molds. Not in a hurry, but I’ll get to them.
WoA 1 (metals) - These are being remolded specifically for manufacturing for skirmish. Probably back by this coming summer.
Starport - These will be 3d scanned and scaled to match the P:AH! Line.

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