Tales of the Breach

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 Tales of the Breach – 104 pages, full color, PDF

Written by: Steven A. Bellin

An expansion for both Songs of Our Ancestors and This Quar’s War, this book adds over thirty exciting new missions for players to experience, including special rules and new characters that players can use in their own missions. This book also introduces linked missions, called operations, where the outcome of each battle affects the parameters of the next.

The operations and missions in this book concentrate on the year 1772, the pivotal and tumultuous eleventh year of the Crusade. Events throughout Alwyd are retold in Stories and Songs, while Blood on the Wall re-creates events that led to the famous breach of the Coftyran Wall. Relive the battles of your ancestors, and find out if your leadership can change the outcome of The Long War. Join us in telling the Tales of the Breach!