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228 Page History and Art book of Western Alwyd of the period 1780-81


ALYKINDER IS DEAD! Sune Alykinder Rhynn Venk, born 1711, Chancellor of Tok, architect of the Crusade and Grand Marshall of the Croesgadwr Fyrch, has become one with his ancestors. 11th of Aelwyt 1780.

Across the continent, the First Families are emboldened, and loyalties to those families are tested everywhere and at

every level of society. Many commoners have tasted freedom under Crusader reign, and are unwilling to give it back.

Maer Braech and Easky continue to embrace those ideals, but none know where their true loyalties lay. These Crusader

states are now led by Campryg Loeck, a charismatic leader deeply loyal to the cause. With Alykinder's death he has

constructed his own plan for peace. Long at odds with Crusade leadership he has taken the opportunity to break the

western states from Tok and Crusader control.

The Rules of Warfare have been violated across the land; cities have been shelled, clouds of gas sicken to the south, and massive armies clash and grind the countryside into mud, all on a scale never before seen.

All out warfare has returned to Alwyd in the form of a Western Arnyaran surprise assault across several fronts.

All nations should now fear the... Western Iron


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This Quar's War: Western Iron
Qualtieri, Joshua