This Quar's War: The Long War (PDF)

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This Quar's War: The Long War - 50 pages, full color PDF

Entire companies of brave Quar rhyflers, squadrons of steel-armored tractors, and wedges of cavalry thunder across the fields in This Quar's War: The Long War, ZombieSmith's all-new miniature wargaming ruleset. Redesigned from the ground up for quick play and tactical depth, This Quar's War allows for dynamic company-scale engagements to unfold across the battlefronts of Alwyd between its many warlike nations, from the Coftyran Crymuster to the Iron Caravans of Western Arnyaran. 

At once whimsical and strategic, This Quar's War, features interactive gameplay, quick combat resolution, and an 'Army Life' mechanic that infuses play with the rich and grimsical world of the Quar. Players will be able to quickly muster historically-accurate forces from the major Quar nations, from entire infantry companies fifty quar strong, to iron-hulled tractor squadrons, to snyper teams of lone specialists, and then lead their chosen nation into battle with our expansive line of new 15mm miniatures. 

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This Quar's War 2.0: The Long War
Walter, Zachary and Walters, Andrew and Qualtieri, Joshua