Militia: Mechanic

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Sculpted by: Tom De Wulf

Painted by: Scott Mosher

28mm Mechanic

Most every quar on Alwyd will tell you that, of all the professions on the Continent, theirs is the most important, the most vital to the war effort. Soldiers, factory workers, even bankers and businessquar, every one will claim that distinction. The fact remains, while those are all worthy occupations they, and the Long War they help perpetuate, are actually beholden to two very different kinds of quar. 

An army marches on its stomach, the old adage goes, and the armies of Alwyd are no different. Whether it be the mushroom farmers of Kryst, or worm harvesters of central Creevin, or wheat and vegetable farmers in the fertile lowlands of Tok, the bushels and silos of every nation rely wholly on these underappreciated quar. 

Modern armies are more than just rhyflers, though. Gone are the days of flesh and steel being all a caernerol required. Engines rule the day on – and above – modern battlefields, and each quar that can keep them and the warmachines they power in fighting trim is worth a catrawd of rhyflers.