Militia: Gybrayl

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Sculpted by: Aaron Brown 

Gybrayl, street urchin, cutpurse, sneakthief

Few quar make the mistake of calling this scarred young kit 'mab' - son - more than once. The very devil with a blade, Gybrayl is just one of the thousands of displaced children and orphans across Alwyd; he just happens to have fallen in with a particularly vicious crowd before being swept up in one of Alykinder's ambitious social engineering programs. Dumped in the countryside without kith or kin, without so much as a dark alley to hide in, Gybrayl is completely at sea among the gentle quar of Guur. He spends the bulk of his days lurking in the lowland swamps and wooded hollows of the Aerlyc March, ready to rob anyone he can, especially the uniformed fiends he deems responsible for his situation. Deacon Jan does his best to keep the youngster out of serious trouble, but the headstrong and truculent kit grows more difficult to temper every day.