Kryst: Rhyfler Squad

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Sculpted by: Aaron Brown

10 28mm scale (22mm to the shoulder) figures.

Sandstalkers 7th Catrawd, I Company, "the Nightfishers"

Command of I Company fell to is-Caerten Lyyrd Sigo in late 1772 after their previous CO, like a disproportionate number of other pro-Crusade quar, suffered a career-ending injury during the Eviction of Ottell. The caerten was lucky - a number of his peers had more than just their careers cut short during the long, bloody fortnight that was the Waess Revolt.

Such is the reputation of the Jackal, however - a moniker is-Caerten Sigo has well and truly earned. Few dare address him as such, for like his namesake, he knows no fear of stronger foes, nor mercy for a stricken opponent. Lyyrd Sigo is not like most of his fellow Sandstalkers, who respect the desert as their greatest weapon and allow it to eliminate their enemies wherever possible. He is not content to let the heat or endless miles of dunes destroy his enemies; he is driven to see them smashed by his own hand rather than swallowed by the sand. So great is his compulsion to defeat the 'marauding Toklanders' that no Crusader outpost is too small, no detachment so insignificant to escape his attention.

It is from is-Caerten Sigo's most trusted subordinate, Sol-dan Mik Allok, that the company took the sobriquet the "Nightfishers." Like the heroine of that old Kryster folktale, "The Lass and the Nightfishers", Allok and his dosran are at their best under the light of the stars, fighting against hopelessly long odds.

Most Sandstalker dosrans typically operate with an autonomy that would make a non-Kryster officer cringe. Allok and his milwer, Kyn Hawll, have taken that freedom even further, ranging far and wide across the great Dune Sea of northeastern Kryst. They work at night, riding atop the triple Sothwyr Armored Wagons of their dosran-ka. Crusader and pro-Alykinder clansquar from Draefmor to Debiirg have learned to fear the setting sun, for while darkness brings a welcome respite from the burning heat of the desert, they know it does nothing to protect them from the Nightfishers.

Using Allok's dosran-ka as an example, is-Caerten Sigo has set about acquiring as many Sothwyrs for his company as he can, for he knows that even if the sol-dan's tactics fail on a large scale, the catrawd cannot strip him of his command without finding him first.