Crusader: Spotter

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Sculpted by: Tom De Wulf

Painted by: Scott Mosher

28mm Spotter


The caernerol of 1773 has a vast arsenal of death at his command, whether it be catrawd upon catrawd of fierce, finely-trained rhyflers, krates loaded with tonnes of bombs, or precision artillery that can deliver a high-explosive shell within fifty feet of its intended target. All of these, however, are powerless without the proper intelligence required to best deploy them. If a gun’s crew does not know where the target is, or a syrnol has no idea just how deep a minefield is and how many enemy rhyflers are waiting on the other side, all the quarpower and materiel on Alwyd is useless. 

To provide that vital information, the officers of the Crusade rely on specially trained teams of observers. Potential recruits are siphoned away from SBS academies and the normally 'pass or die' Sniper Preparation programs run across the Continent. Their training is every bit as rigorous as those elite schools, but they are taught to emphasize stealth, speed, and above all, getting their intelligence back to their handlers.