Crusader: Light Infantry Squad

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10 28mm scale (22mm to the shoulder) figures.
Separate heads, arms, backpacks and lots of other bits. Contains 2 each of the 5 rhyfler light infantry poses.

Sculpted by: Aaron Brown

Available in both the new style of integrated arms and long sleeves and the old style of short sleeves and separate arms.

C Squad, B Company of the 168th (“Dornt’s Own”)

The 168th Catrawd is well known to many for its exploits in the campaign to conquer Dar Riil, most notably being the storming of Hanselle Fortress after the 12 month siege.
C/B/168 had the honor of being first through the breach of the fortress. This image is from sometime the week prior.
The 168th entered the breach under cover of heavy bombardment and fought continuously for nearly 5 hours culminating in the now famous assault of the Leeward Battery by B and C companies. All squad members were later awarded the Assault Cluster, four of them with the Red Tear (indicating posthumously.)