Crusader: Cavalry Squad

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Sculpted by: Aaron Brown

6 riders and 6 mounts!

There are those who say that the cavalry is a relic of the old wars and a branch with no place in an army that has both airships and armor. What balderdash! Armored tractors shall always suffer from their mechanical ailments. The airships are held at bay by strong winds and great storms. The cadier, that unassuming beast, requires neither petrol nor levitating gasses. It is stoic about mud, unflinching about wind, and can keep a pace quite beyond the internal combustion engine and its bellowing clatter.

It is not as if the cavalry today are the cavalry of yore, galloping in a great line, knee-to-knee, with lances leveled and banners streaming behind him. Today’s cavalry rhyfler must be a quar of many talents. He must be able to scout an enemy’s position and report accurately to his superiors. He must be able to skirmish with the enemy, to hold against great odds, to use his beast’s mobility as an asset, to dismount and remount as situations dictate. He must know when to charge with the sabre and when to fall back.

The cavalry knew the doctrine of the Crusader Light Infantry long before it was codified: The best soldier is one who can take the initiative, who can improvise, and who can operate with an economy of force. No, the cavalry are not obsolete; it is the Light Infantry who have all become dismounted cavalry!

is-Caerten Jen Kurkhlew, K Troop, 722nd Cavalry Catrawd