Crusader: Baenyr Bael Coombs

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Sculpted by: Aaron Brown

Baenyr Bael Coombs

Caernol Forscs,

The account of our recent action I have enclosed under separate cover, but I take this moment to bring to your attention the heroism of Baenyr Bael Coombs, the young gentlequar assigned to my command. As you well know, I am by no means enamored of tutoring young officers, especially in this instance as my own command consists of the rawest recruits. Hence you must recognize that the qualities of this young fellow are such to have completely overwhelmed my previous opposition to his posting to this Catrawd.

Baenyr Bael stood unflinching and well to the fore, in plain sight of enemy soldiers, who I believe did their utmost to strike him down. His resolution was such that no soldier dared disgrace themselves before this slip of a lad, and when he advanced, crying out the battle cries of the Catrawd, even the most reluctant soldiers were moved in their hearts to follow him.

In this age, a young officer needs every modicum of interest to secure his promotion, and so I mark young Bael to you. Here is an officer who will lead men into battle, and they will love and follow him into hell itself.

Sylwedl Twyteb