Soldurios, Warriors, Generic (15mm)

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15 x 15mm Miniatures
Soldurios, Warriors, Generic (15mm)
“A Soldurian Warrior emerges from the most battle tested. Birth by no lack in courage or loss of foresight they are the first to take on an enemy head-on. Their mere presence upon fields made ashen by explosive weapons strafed with the blood of sacrifice will still send shivers down any opponent’s spine. Strolling through a battlefield as though it were a serene garden, at peace with their existence, a Soldurian Warrior believes in their purpose in life. They are the protectors of their civilizations, the emissaries of their war leaders, and heroes to bring furious death to their nemesis.” –Captain James S. Jones, Soldurian Warrior
Sculpted by Sean Harrison
Painted by Todd Farnholtz