Vidaar: Skirmish Pack

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Vidaar Skirmish Pack
Six (6) 28mm scaled miniatures sculpted by Aaron Brown
22mm to their beady little eyes and include 6 20mm square bases.

Voderiks, Second-son of Voderik, was not cursed with an overabundance of intelligence (although, none of his ignoble race, the Vidaar, seem terribly smitten with this curse).  But what Voderiks lacks in martial cunning, he more than makes up for with his infectious enthusiasm for smashing, breaking, and crushing all within his reach.  This talent, while incredibly inconvenient as a youth, served Voderiks well. He distinguished himself in many engagements as the sole reason that the enemy ran in fright from the battlefield.  Gathering a team of similarly minded Vidaar under his command, Voderiks began to smash the skulls of Elvorix Jaarl and Kuld all across Matriga (he inadvertently smashed a few Vidaar skulls too, while he was at it, but its best not to mention that).

Few Second-sons of unknown spear-carriers have risen so quickly to prominence as the indomitable Voderiks. His exploits are the talk of mead-halls across Matriga; it is even said that King Vidaarus the Ninety-first has taken notice of his band and may soon summon them to his royal court at Vidaarus.  Before this can take place, however, the noble members of the court are being fitted with heavy shields and armor, just in case Voderiks gets confused and starts smashing things.  One can never be too careful around Voderiks.