Kuld: Mob

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Sculpted by:Aaron Brown16 Kuld (4 per 40mm Base)

Mud-eaters. Blubbers. Pukers. Oh-god-no. Whatever names a Sentian may employ to ridicule a Kuld, the sorry fact remains that there is not much to laugh about concerning those dreadful animals. Since their greatly exaggerated 'extinction' after the Purging War, these blue-hued terrors have returned in even greater numbers than previously recorded. The mainstay of their armies - if such a disorganized rabble can be said to be worthy of that title - are simply called Kuld, and are short, fat, and blue, and live only to eat. Anything they can cram in their mouth is fair game for at least a sampling, and whatever doesn't they can't squeeze in, their unimaginably strong hands and jaws will make fit. The slightest scent of food, or anything that remotely resembles it, will draw scores upon scores of these deceptively dangerous animals, and truly, Kuldarus' Bane will be upon you