Kuld: Guldul 1

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Sculpted by:Aaron Brown2 Complete Riders and Snails (2 Different poses of Each)

Many a Sentian, even faced with the horror of an incipient charge by a mass of belching, greasy Kuld, has made the mistake of laughing at a Guldul. At first blush, it does seem a ridiculous concept - a fat, ancient spawn of Kuldarus, clinging grimly to the back of a marauding snail. Ridiculous, sure, until the constantly goaded beasts get close enough to see something in front of them to vent their spleen upon. Guldul riders, by necessity, have to keep their mounts to the flanks to prevent attacking their own kind in error, but once the foe is to the fore, and the agonized animals can see them, their unending torment lends them an unearthly speed. Distances are closed in a heartbeat, and unlike their smaller cousins that plague the Hanging Gardens of Vlmir, these snails have teeth. Lots of teeth. And skin as rough as broken glass. And a viscous ooze that burns the skin and bleaches fur. In other words, not much to laugh at. Nobody in history ever seems to have made that mistake twice.