Jaarl: Skirmish Pack

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 Sculpted by: Aaron Brown

The Jaarl With No Name

“Take this fearsome looking fellow for example, this Jaarl with no name. It's not as if he doesn't have a name at all, he's not a monster or some dimwitted Nhilde troll, it's just that whatever moniker he happens to go by is bloody unpronounceable. Jaarl having those terrible snapping jaws and horrific protruding teeth makes their words rather difficult for normal Agaptans to replicate. It also makes getting any closer to them than absolutely necessary extremely foolhardy.”


“Of course, any thinking Sentian knows this already. Since the first arrival of the Jaarl ten years after the Great Catastrophe, they have shown no sign of any intent other than our total annihilation. There have been no attempts at assimilation, no negotiations of any kind. They are not here to be us, or to be our friends. Wherever they are, we cannot be, it has become as simple as that. Even our erstwhile cousins, the Vidaar, despite their rather more martial past and seeming similarities to the invader, have fared no better against them. From the Kuld, such behavior could be excused - I'm fairly certain there are not three functioning brain cells among that entire race - but the Jaarl have demonstrated that they can think, do think, and think very, very little of us, except to drive us into the sea.”

- From renowned author and scholar Nyllo Biblius ix Atronia co Agapta's latest bestseller, “They Came From the Deeps: The Jaarl Invasion and What It Means To You”