Elvorix: Wildbucks (Skirmishers)

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Sculpted by:Aaron Brown.

8 Wildbucks (4 Different Poses)


Most Vorix spend their entire lives denigrated, abused, and generally looked down upon. Most of these diminutive Sentians bear this mild mistreatment with a gentle spirit and earnest desire to prove the Bigguns wrong. A few Vorix reject this approach, however, with great vehemence. They run away from polite society at the first hint of trouble, scavenging weapons and armor where it can be found, then gathering where-ever the Houselords summon their Bucks. In battle they take advantage of their small stature, striking enemy bricks with preternatural dexterity - and remarkable savagery born of pent-up aggression - before scampering away.