Elvorix: Skirmish Pack

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Elvorix Skirmish Pack
Six (6) 28mm scaled miniatures sculpted by Aaron Brown
22mm to their beady little eyes and include 6 20mm square bases.

Like every truly wise Elvorix war captain, Ottivasser Greyback is quite adept at performing his job in as nondescript a fashion as possible, so much so that his sword bears the engraving "Keep Your Head Down, Dolt." Despite being as bland as stringmoss soufflé, there are few Elvorix capable of organizing and keeping a shieldwall in fighting trim like Ottivasser. He has fought far and wide across Agaptus, in bloody campaigns against the ravenous Kuld and the fearsome Jaarl, but the true mark of his merit is that higher officers have no idea who this Greyback actually is, they only know that the name comes up a lot.

Even the most boring warrior needs to blow off steam every now and then, though - preferably while their god, Agaptus, Lord of the Sky, is sleeping or looking the other way - so when those times come, Ottivasser and his three most trusted and tightlipped troopers take to the cliffs to find something to hurt. Most times they can't make it out of camp without one or two 'Vorix tagging along, but they've proven useful in the past for onerous tasks like boot-shining and Ylark-baiting, so Ottivasser generally allows it. Secretly he thinks it's cute that they bring their toys along, since every Elvorix knows that the only thing a runt can hurt with their play-swords and spears is themselves.