Elvorix: Greybucks

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Sculpted by:Aaron Brown

6 Elvorix Greybucks. (4 Different Poses)


Linebucks that survive a few campaigns and gain recognition from their Captains - and don't lose their taste for battle along the way - soon earn the moniker 'Greybuck', among other things. Fresh bucks look to the greybucks for instruction and leadership, but these abilities are only a portion of the elder linebuck's contributions. War-captains and Houselords look to these veterans for strong leadership and a stout set of lungs, the better for rallying the bucks through the time of dying. Untold battles spent locked in the shieldwall have lent these Elvorix warriors an uncanny understanding of how their foes think, allowing the Greybuck to ready his Bucks to repel their blows and strike their own.