Elvorix: Command

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Sculpted by:Aaron Brown.

6 Elvorix (6 Different Poses)


Generals and War Staff

Elvorix Generals are few and far between, not because there is no ambition among the Elvorix, but because most feel such a grandiose title is cutting things a bit too close. Wear too big a hat, put too many fancy titles before your name, and soon enough, the Lord of the Sky is going to notice you, and quite frankly, nobody needs that. 
Every army needs a general, however, so sometimes brave souls come forth to take their chances and put on the big hat. They also tend to surround themselves with lots of boot-shiners and unattached does, but as the famous General Huudos once said, "if Agaptus can't see me, he can't get too interested in what I'm up to." Add to that mix the inevitable clump of standard bearers, musicians, advisors and hat-holders, and one starts to wonder if the esteemed general can even see the battlefield...


Without a doubt, the most difficult job in any battle is to call down the blessings of a god without actually calling down the god himself. 'Agaptus', the saying goes, 'means well'. Unfortunately, he's not very good at what he does, and most folks tend to go blind and bald when he's around, which can be a downer. So the Elvorix battle priest is put in a bit of a pinch, all things considered. He wants the bucks to like him, and he wants his Houselord to win the battle, but he doesn't want to be too blind or too bald to appreciate it. What's a priest to do? 
Cheat, of course. The magic wrought by an acolyte of Agaptus is more trickery than actual divine tinkering. The best priests convince the warriors around them that Agaptus has noticed them and blessed their endeavors, without actually invoking the god at all. When it works, great. When it doesn't, most everybody is too busy running away to notice.