Crusader: Accessory Pack 2

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Quar98 1
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2 Officer Heads with caps
2 Bare Heads with Goggles over Eyes
2 Backpack with entrenching tool
2 Wire Cutters
2 hatchets
3 Small Packs
3 Grenades
Sniper Head
Variant Vehicle Crewman Head
Mortar Pack
Equipment Pack #2

Raiding Company Resupply

The following kit will be issued to those units assigned to raiding detail or other hazardous operations. The soft caps are for officer use only. Goggles are best employed by units operating smoke or incendiary grenades. The trench raider tomahawks may be used by any soldier, and wire cutters and entrenching tools should be given to those units most likely to need them. This kit may be requested by a Caerten or higher rank.

Requests for this kit are filled according to need and availability. It has come to my attention that some units think that wearing goggles and carrying tomahawks outside of a raiding operation constitute an endorsement of elite status. The Commissariat would like to remind you that every time you hoard equipment, some soldier pays for your vanity with his life. Please return these items to the Commissary when your operation is finished. Missing items will require explanation.

Supply Yawdryl Plah.