Crusader: Accessory pack 1

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Stuff stuff stuff.

2 Rifles
2 Support Weapons
5 Grenades
6 Small Packs
2 Upper Pack Sprues
3 Heads Variants not included in other packs (2 of each for 6 total)
1 Character Head
1 Tank Crewman Head
1 Yawdryl (Sgt.) Head
2 Helmets
2 Boot Knives

Infantry Platoon Resupply

The following resupply kit will be issued by the Crusader Commissariat to the section level. This kit is designed to resupply frontline units who have seen approximately one month of continuous action. This kit may be directly requested by the section is-Caerten, who is required to fill out the appropriate form.

Note that fraudulent use of the kit contents constitutes a violation of regulations. Requests are filled according to need and availability. DO NOT send multiple requests to the Commissariat in the hope that one will sneak through in record time. DO NOT use the telephone or messenger to request a status update on your request. Failure to follow these guidelines taxes our supply officers and guarantees your unit will receive last pick of rations.

Supply Yawdryl Plah